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Find out everything you need to know about Signal Hill Whisky, from our historical roots in Newfoundland, to our aging and distillation process.

The name Signal Hill Whisky came about in 2014, when the founders got together and discussed developing a whisky for today, based on their collective experience in the industry. The name came to light while the founders stood looking upon one of Canada’s historic and iconic landmarks, Signal Hill. The founders applied their decades of combined experience with major global whisky brands to create Signal Hill Canadian Whisky.

Crafted in St. John’s, Newfoundland – within sight of the historic Signal Hill (weather permitting, of course) – and blended with the pristine water of Newfoundland, Canada.

Signal Hill is a site that has been of great significance throughout history. From the earliest times: a viewpoint for whales, ice migration, and approaching ships. It is a place of connections, being said to have received the first reported transatlantic wireless transmission and the first non-stop transatlantic flight carrying airmail. It was here that history was made, proof that communication over great distances was possible. Visit Our History page to learn more.

In developing the brand we did extensive research on Newfoundland, its people and history.

The logo is inspired by an ancient Norse symbol that represents early Viking influences in Newfoundland. To us the triangles of the “Valknut” perfectly represent the three most vital parts of Signal Hill Whisky, or what we like to call “the trinity” – the grains, the water and the barrels.

Signal Hill Whisky is aged in a variable climate to deliver richness, and undergoes a 3-cask aging process for a deep amber colour and complex flavour: New White Oak Casks, Bourbon Casks and Canadian Whisky Casks.

Spirits under 43% alc./vol. are typically chill filtered to eliminate the formation of haze, or cloudy appearance, when water or ice is added.

Chill filtering takes place when the spirit temperature is reduced during filtration through a number of different filtering media. Our non-chill filtering is a proprietary process developed by our production team. The best way to describe the process is “low and slow”, resulting in a fuller mouthfeel and smoother finish. Learn more about our process here.

Signal Hill Whisky is a blend of corn whisky and pot distilled barley.  Together they create a smooth and light characteristic with subtle nut and malt flavours. For more details, visit the About page.

AromaA perfectly balanced and full-flavoured whisky, with a delicate blend of subtle raisin and dried plums complimented by sweet cream sherry, English toffee, vanilla, honey, soft oak and a hint of spice.

Body: Full and round, with a smooth finish.

Taste: Beautifully balanced and full-flavoured. Dried fruit is complemented by sweet cream sherry. English toffee, vanilla, and soft oak lead to a long finish.


Signal Hill Whisky is a place of connection. It is not about how you drink it, but the memories you share when enjoying it. Try Signal Hill neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail.

Have a recipe you suggest? Let us know!

We’re growing fast! New markets are being rolled out.

Canada: Signal Hill Whisky is available for purchase in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland, and Ontario. It retails for approx. $39.95.

United States: Signal Hill Whisky is available for purchase in Minnesota, New York, New Jersey and South Carolina. It retails for approx. $35.99.

We are also available in other global markets including: Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom, as well as several Duty Free stores in Canada and Korea. Visit our Where to Buy page to learn more.


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